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I believe that all Citizens should be allowed to exercise their Rights granted to us in The United States Constitution.

I grew up in Idaho, and was exposed to hunting and fishing at an early age, and I also learned to respect any and all weapons, and the people who use them for self defense or hunting.

A very good friend invited me to go to the
Escondido Fish and Game Association Range in May 2009 to practice firing
pistols and rifles on the range.
I do enjoy the sport and give it my best effort to hit the target, and realize you really could defend yourself if you had too.

When I went home I thought a lot about the nice facilities there, and asked about joining.
I read an article in the news letter from the
Escondido Fish and Game Association regarding a class they were putting
on for the
National Rifle Association of America called Women on Target.  I called the person in the add, and sent her the money to sign up for the class, which was held on a Saturday June 20th.  The class was very informative, the men and women running the classes very helpful, and nice to be around. I learned a lot that day,and I want to thank everyone that helped me that day.

Just a few days ago I completed an application to join
Escondido Fish and Game Association.

I received a gun as a gift from a friend, and as soon as I am cleared I will be ready to practice and will be ready to learn and become more proficient, thanks to a good group of people who volunteer their time.

I would like this page to be for Women and as such I will need your input for issues that are important to you, and to me. Please if you have any suggestions let
me know.

I was driving to work the other day and heard on the radio something about people with guns staging a demonstration at a local mall. I had never heard of such a thing so when I got to work, I immediately did a Google search and what did I find? Escondido Open Carry. And now I am proud to say that I am a member! I purchased a Bursa Thunder 380 last November, shortly before Obama got elected as president of the U.S. because I had heard and read many reports that he was going to try to outlaw guns - at least for people that have never served on a police force or in the military. Though I legally own a firearm, I have yet to use it. Have not even purchased bullets yet. But that does not change the fact that I am avid supporter of the right to bear arms and the 2nd amendement of the U.S. Constitution. Now that I am aware that this organization exists, I will do my best to attend the functions and at the very least I will spread awareness. Did you know that in California, it is legal to walk around with your gun in a holster on your belt (Open Carry) and you do not need a license for this? You can even carry a loaded magazine also on your belt in a holder and that is legal as well. Many government officials try to put fear into their citizens and make them believe that they do not have as many rights as they actually have. I am excited to learn more about my rights and to tell others to be aware!
Dayna F. Medici Stevenson

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