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The purpose of this web site is to encourage Citizens to exercise their Rights Guaranteed under The Constitution.

The U. S. Constitution was created by our forefathers to create a country where it’s citizens could be truly FREE and pursue their dreams. I feel this is not the case now due to Activist Judges who “interpret” The Constitution and local Laws to their liking, the Liberal Media who have made Gun ownership a “BAD Thing” and to all those apathetic persons who value their comfort over Freedom.


We have had 25 UOC Events since September 1, 2009

These include Starbucks, Cruising Grand, The Farmers Market, KPBS Television Interview, The Escondido Wellness Fair, The Escondido Republican Club, Old Town in Temecula, Fallbrook, the Gun Show in Del Mar and one Member meeting.

Here are all the TV stations (Channels 7,9,10) coverage on You Tube of our first UOC, it's great.
YouTube - Open Carry, Escondido 9-1-09
Escondido Open Carry does their first event at the Starbucks at Valley Pkwy and Escondido Bl.
Here are the videos from our 9/11/09 Cruising Grand UOC.
This link takes you to the first video then click on "More From 12eye12"to see all 9 of them.

We are trying to find more UOC Events on the week-end for members who work all week.

Click here to see the pictures of our latest long Gun UOC

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